Click2Call service

Offer your web visitors and contacts calling you for free


Monema for Business includes a Click2call service at no extra cost. This service allows your web visitors to contact you for free. It works like that:

  1. In your web site a button is displayed telling your visitors that can call you for free.
  2. If your visitor wants to call you only has to click the button and a popup window will open requesting a phone number.
  3. In a few seconds the visitor will receive a call and it will contact directly your company phone number.

With Monema for Business Click2Call button you will be able to:

  • Improve your customer support offering a free contact channel.
  • Restrict calls by business hours, countries and prefixes.
  • Include a button to your email signature so your contacts can call you directly to your extension without any cost.
  • Customize your Click2Call button with your business logo and corporate colors (only with Premium version).

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